Thursday, October 11, 2012

Manage This!!

You've started developing iPad and iPhone apps for your company for in-house use.  You've managed to check your list and cross it twice,

  • Sign up to Enterprise Licensing at Apple?

  • Grabbed your Apple ID?
       Double Check
  • Managed to deploy your App to the enteprise?
       Check, Check, Check

  • Can push out updates?
Wait, what?

If you've bought all in to Apple's Eco-System, you can install OSX Server for a few bucks onto an existing MacMini or pre-purchase one already setup that way.  Note that if you plan to first mirror the drives (an option that has to be done manually) I suggest you DO NOT setup profile manager 2 as it's a little tempermental when things don't point just right...

Once your disk setup is ready (mirrored or not) follow the advice at this blog link to help your self to a step by step guide on how to setup your MDM server.

 the only note to make here is that the  terminal command : sudo changeip -checkhostname did not work for me, so just an FYI...

You can always go with a third party MDM server but those will be far more expensive and for small deployments you really can't go wrong with Apple's solution. 

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