Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting started with iOS programming

So you got the mobile bug?  There are so many developers still jumping on the iOS bandwagon.  I'm a Sql guy, and as one my biggest strengths have been from leverging languages like VB, vbscript and TSQL.  So when I set forth to learn how to write an iOS application, it was daunting to see just how many resources there were all over the internet.  

so much help, but none of it was for me!

I eventually began to get frustrated, because even though there was a mountain of information I found myself thinking "Wow!, there is so much help, but none of it was for me!" Like so many people I went online to youtube and such sites hoping to get a sort of feel for the language, the IDE, but more importantly, inside the mind of an Objective-C coder. I signed up for the developer account on Apple's website and found myself again, lost in the developer forums reading up on what was another language that might as well had been written by aliens, because, initially I was very overwhelmedI took my classic approach.  I thought of something I wanted to accomplish in the language of choice and set forth to discover just how easy, and complicated my solution would be.  With my collection of web bookmarks, favorite books and video sites, I hope to provide a useful blog of information.

Welcome to my blog, the purpose here will be to enable me to create a breadcrumb list of shortcuts, how-to's for my specific problems.  The goal (like my SqlThis blog) is to write it generically enough as to provide a useful springboard for many visitors.

In this post I will link the helpful books that got me started along with some awesome online tutorial sites

iOS Programming
The Big Nerd Ranch (3rd Edition) 

You will need an Objective C reference.

Programmin in 

Online Tutorials:
Ray Wenderlich 's XCode tutorials!

Mobile developer tips!

For Videos, you need to get a account they are by far the best video tutorials to date that I can find anywhere.  Spcifically Simon Allardice does a fantastic job explaining the ins, the outs and the gotchas of iOS programming, and he does it by speaking plain english!

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