Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why one Android Developer uses an iPhone

If you're reading my Blog, it's likely because you are an iOS developer, I often find myself chatting it up with an Android fan whom will tell me why I should switch or why I should build for Android... but finding the following post was quite humorous, but also nails why I too moved away from Android to iOS.

"The first time I bought an iPhone actually happened some time before that. MIUI had just come out for the Droid 2 and I was experimenting with it and some other ROMs. At some point late at night I bricked my phone. I was out of ideas for what to do to fix it, so the next afternoon I went down to my Verizon store. I knew what to expect, but I still looked down the shelves of Android phones. Not one of them appealed to me. I was facing phones like the Droid Charge, the Droid 3, and the Thunderbolt. Within a few minutes I wandered over the the iPhone 4 and told the Verizon clerk I wanted one."

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